A firearms dealer has been found guilty of supplying illegal handguns and home-made bullets linked to more than 100 crime scenes, including three murders.
Paul Edmunds, of Hardwicke, Gloucestershire, supplied ammunition used in an attempt to shoot down a police helicopter in the 2011 riots.
The 66-year-old was found guilty of conspiracy to supply firearms and ammunition by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court.
He will be sentenced on 20 December.
The court was told Edmunds, of Bristol Road, was arrested at his home in 2015, where he had three armouries he used to make bullets to fit antique weapons.
Detectives discovered that a Colt pistol – imported on November 14 2013 – was used five weeks later in a Boxing Day fatal shooting at the Avalon nightclub in London.
Four of Edmunds’ bullets were recovered from the victim’s body.
The jury were told Edmunds’ bullets were also recovered following the Birmingham murders of Derek Myers in …