“I called to my mum. And my mum said, ‘who are you?,'” Razia says. “My mother’s head was split. She was thrown aside. They struck me and threw me aside.”
“I said ‘your finger is on fire.’ Then my mum and I got out and left.”
The pair squeezed through a damaged part of a fence and hid in a vegetable patch, before other villagers found them and helped them get to Bangladesh, where a staggering 615,000 Rohingya refugees have fled since August 25, according to aid agencies.
The refugees have escaped violent clashes in the north of Rakhine State, where Myanmar’s military has intensified what it calls “clearance operations” targeting “terrorists” after Rohingya militants attacked police posts, killing 12 security officials.
The UN calls what’s happening in Rakhine a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing” and the killings that took place in Mumtaz’s village on August 30 have been described as one …