Portuguese scientists have captured what they believe to be “a shark from the age of dinosaurs” off the Algarve coast.
The rare frilled shark was caught aboard a trawler, which was coincidentally working on a project for the European Union which concentrates on “minimising unwanted catches in commercial fishing”.
According to a press release by the Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies, scientists from the country’s Institute For The Sea and Atmosphere have dubbed the shark a “living fossil”, as remains of the shark date back around 80 million years.
The discovery of the shark – a male 1.5 metres in length (5ft) and caught at a depth of 700 metres (2,300ft) off the resort of Portimao –  was considered a rare find.
The shark itself is little known in terms of it’s biology or environment and is rarely caught.
The frilled shark’s snake-like movements and elongated, eel-like body is said to have inspired sailors’ stories of sea …