People pray in a street on November, 10, 2017, in Clichy, near Paris, while the city mayor demonstrate with others political leaders against muslim streets prayers. Muslim worshipers pray every friday on a small square in front of the Clichy's town hall to protest againt the closure of a Muslim place of worship in the city nearly nine months ago. / AFP PHOTO / ALAIN JOCARD

The stand off which was caught in several video clips (see below) took place in the Paris suburb of Clichy on Friday afternoon.
The local right wing mayor Remi Muzeau led the march after growing infuriated by the presence of hundreds of Muslim worshippers praying on the town’s market square every Friday for the past nine months.
Images relayed from the scene near Clichy Town Hall shows around 60 elected officials, including MPs and the president of the greater Paris region of Île-de-France, Valerie Pecresse marching with their tricolore sashes as they sing the Marseillaise.
They head towards around 200 Muslim worshippers who are observing their Friday prayer outside in protest against the town’s decision to close a prayer hall.
A line of riot police separate the two groups and at one one point tensions appear ready to boil over.
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