California governor Jerry Brown told a Vatican conference on Saturday that President Donald Trump does not reflect the views of most Americans when it comes to climate change.
The Democratic leader also said the Trump presidency is “creating a situation of reductio ad absurdum” in American public life.
“By that, I mean you take something too far, its absurdity becomes evident, and then people pull back,” Brown said.
“President Trump has said climate change is a hoax, and it’s not just a hoax, it’s a Chinese hoax. It’s a lie within a lie,” he said.
The governor was speaking at a conference on climate change and health sponsored by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.
Brown said the majority of Americans are in line with the Paris climate agreement, which was signed by the Obama administration in December 2015.
The international accord set the goal of keeping a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees …