“Humiliating” tests involving “sickening pain” are used to determine what categories Para-athletics can compete in, says five-time Paralympic champion Hannah Cockroft.
On Wednesday it was announced the system is to be revised, meaning that 25-year-old Cockroft “will have to get re-classified”.
The Briton told BBC Radio 5 live she has endured “horrible tests to prove I am what I claim to be”.
“They push you around,” Cockroft said.
“I’ve had all the scans… MRI scans, CAT scans. I think my worst one was I had to have electrodes attached to my spine and then electric shocks sent up and down my legs to see which nerves worked – that pain was sickening.”
Speaking to The Friday Sports Panel, Cockroft, who currently races in a category for athletes who have cerebral palsy and are in a wheelchair, added: “People think you just put your doctors’ notes on the table and someone goes you’re a ‘T …