The news comes amid growing fears that Madrid will struggle to impose control over the breakaway region, with experts predicting more of the violence and civil unrest seen during the October 1 referendum. 
The Catalan government declared the region independent on Friday, but hours later Mariano Rajoy’s Spanish government voted to enact Article 155, bringing Catalonia under the direct rule of Madrid.
Spain has announced new regional elections to be held in December, and said sacked Catalan president Carles Puigdemont was “welcome” to stand evan though Spanish prosecutors have announced plans to charge him with “rebellion”. 
Now hard-line seperatists are said to be working on a new blockchain currency similar to the “Plan B” initiative cooked up by Syriza in the midst of the Greek financial crisis, The Telegraph reported. 
Catalan tech experts are working on a digital currency free of Spain, the Euro and the ECB
Catalonia had previously been warned that it …