Councillors in Lancashire have voted to ban unstunned halal meat from being served in schools.
Lancashire County Council made the decision to stop using it in 27 council-run schools at a meeting earlier.
Council leader Geoff Driver described the practice of not stunning animals before slaughtering them as “abhorrent” and “really cruel”.
A call for further discussion with Jewish and Muslim groups was rejected.
From December, the schools will only serve stunned halal beef and lamb after councillors voted by 41 to 24 against, with 15 abstentions.
Councillors are going to consult with the county’s council of mosques over unstunned chicken as some Muslims are concerned that stunning kills them, the meeting heard.
Councillor Driver said he wanted to show videos of cattle being slaughtered to back his point but thought it would be too “gory”.
Labour leader, Councillor Azhar Ali had an amendment rejected to defer the halal meat debate until December to give the council …