The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned the United States that Latin American and the Caribbean are no longer its “backyard.”
Foreign Affairs spokesperson Maria Zajarova said the region has tired of the United State’s attempt to control its people by political, social or military force.
“The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean have long ceased to be the U.S. backyard,” Zajarova said.
In addition, she said the region has had many opportunities to “put Washington in its place on the inappropriateness of its conduct regarding Latin America,” urging the United States to respect international law and the sovereignty of nations, in order to “avoid conflicts.”
“Each state has its objectives, but we should start from common game rules and, at the same time, respect national interests,” she said.
“All actors must respect international law instead of ignoring it and proclaiming themselves special states, this is the only way of preserving our own interests, and …