BARCELONA, Spain (NBC) – Spain may be taking control of the autonomous region of Catalonia and fired its separatist government — plunging the country and Europe into crisis — but locals are undaunted about what lies ahead.
“Today I’m independent. Today I have no king. Today I have my own country,” Rut Carandell Rieradevall, a 51-year-old lawyer, said Saturday. She came to the square in front of the autonomous region’s government building to see if Spain’s flag had been lowered after Catalan lawmakers passed a declaration of independence Friday.
“For me, to have no king and have my own country is good enough,” Carandell said on a sunny weekend in Barcelona, where tourists mingled with journalists and the hosts of a Catalan cultural festival.
The uncertain future did not make her nervous, even after alleged police brutality injured hundreds during the region’s disputed referendum on Oct. 1, when 92 percent of those …