OSAKA – An 18-year-old teen has filed a suit seeking ¥2.2 million ($19,000) in damages from the Osaka Prefectural Government, alleging her public high school demanded that she dye her naturally brown hair black to continue attending classes.
The prefectural government, which runs Kaifukan High School in Habikino, requested the Osaka District Court dismiss the teenager’s lawsuit at the first hearing on Friday.
Her mother had informed the school before the teenager started attending that her hair was naturally brown, but teachers repeatedly ordered the student to dye it black, according to the petition the plaintiff submitted to the court.
The student developed a rash and scalp pain after dying her hair repeatedly but her teachers continued telling her that her hair was not black enough, demanding she comply or leave the school, the petition said.
During a conversation with her mother, the school said it would even demand that blond foreign students dye …