Life is imitating art again, folks.
The Chinese government is planning to launch a “Social Credit System” which will be used to evaluate the trustworthiness of citizens.
Wired reports that the system was first announced in 2014 and is voluntary for now but will be mandatory by 2020.
To create the social credit scores, the government has employed the help of large Chinese companies with access to massive swathes of big data.
The companies, which include messaging app WeChat, financial services and insurance company Sesame Credit and Alibaba’s AliPay are combining their data to rate citizens according to five main criteria.
According to Wired, these criteria are credit history, fulfilment capacity (the ability to honour contracts), personal characteristics, behaviours and interpersonal relationships.
“Someone who plays video games for ten hours a day, for example, would be considered an idle person,” Sesame’s Technology Director Li Yingyun told Wired.
“Someone who frequently buys diapers …