Catalonia has declared independence from Spain, ahead of a vote in the Senate which will see Madrid seize the region’s autonomous powers.
The vote in the regional parliament followed a tense week of last-ditch negotiations between Madrid and Barecelona.
Seventy Catalan deputies voted for independence, with 10 opposed and two blank ballot slips.
Rounds of applause broke out in the chamber as members of the parliament hugged and shook hands.
Opposition lawmakers had walked out of the chamber ahead of Friday’s vote in protest.
Thousands of people watched the voting process and the counting live on big screens outside Catalonia’s parliament in Barcelona, and cheered and danced after the motion was passed.
The motion calls for beginning an independence process that includes drafting Catalonia’s new top laws and opening negotiations “on equal footing” with Spanish authorities to establish co-operation.
— Mariano Rajoy Brey (@marianorajoy) October 27, 2017
On Thursday Catalan president Carles Puigdemont had ruled out calling a …