The fate of seven MPs, including Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, is in the hands of the High Court. Join us for the verdict and the fall-out.
Senator Hanson says she is “devastated” to lose Mr Roberts who she describes as “a great man”.
She says Mr Roberts will stand in the Queensland state seat of Ipswich in the upcoming election.
(Reminder – Ipswich is home to Senator Hanson’s fish and chip shop.)
“I’m devastated at what’s happened but it’s not the end of One Nation,” she says, adding her party is not the only one that’s lost MPs.
And I’ll now take you to Malcolm Roberts who is thanking Pauline Hanson for being “a rock”.
He then thanks his wife, his staff and all the people who thanked him for his work.
“The High Court has ruled that I was wrong. I do not apologise,” he says. “It has confirmed I was genuine and honest in …