President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle is estimated to have amassed almost $24 billion away from the public eye, a report by an investigative journalism group and an independent newspaper has revealed.
Estimates of Putin’s private wealth vary, from the officially declared 8.9 million rubles ($133,000) to as high as $200 billion.
Members of Putin’s inner circle were implicated in a $2 billion money laundering scheme in a large-scale 2016 leak known as the Panama Papers.
The Panama Papers identified musician and Putin’s childhood friend Sergei Roldugin as the owner of offshore companies that the president’s inner circle used to channel the $2 billion to Russia.
The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project published findings with the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta on Tuesday that estimate Putin’s family and friends are worth almost $24 billion.
Putin’s inner circle, which has amassed the $24 billion, does not include state company executives or politicians.
The investigation singles out Roldugin and two other figures in Putin’s …