The rest of the Government Executive was also sworn in at the official ceremony in Wellington.
The new Cabinet will meet for the first time at Parliament this afternoon, and Jacinda Ardern will give her first news conference as Prime Minister.
4:00pm – Ardern’s high school teacher attended swearing in ceremony
Jacinda Ardern’s former teacher Gregor Fountain watched her become Prime Minister this morning. 
He taught Ms Ardern social studies and history for three years at Morrinsville College. Mr Fountain said it’s a “pretty satisfying experience” to see her take up the top job even though it makes him feel old.
“It’s such a tribute to Jacinda that she would think about even inviting her teacher. It shows her breadth, and that’s an exciting thing for the profession I reckon.”
Mr Fountain said she was a “community builder…someone who looked for people on the edges of our school community and brought them in.”
He said many of his …