Prominent Yemeni journalist Afrah Nasser has been denied entry to the United States to accept an award, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.
In September, the CPJ announced that it would present its 2017 International Press Freedom award to Nasser, who has been living in exile in Sweden.
Though she holds Swedish citizenship and has a legitimate reason to travel to the United States, she has been denied a visa – potentially due to U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel ban which includes restrictions on travelers from Yemen.
“While there are good reasons why I should travel to the U.S. and join the CPJ, my two U.S. visa applications to date have been rejected by the American embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. I am currently applying for the third time, and I am not optimistic,” Nasser wrote on her blog Friday.
“The proposed travel ban has gone through various iterations, but what I know for …