José Andrés, the well-known Spanish chef, and his charity celebrated serving one million meals to those left hungry by the storm. Andrés, who is known for his upscale restaurants in Washington, DC, has been in Puerto Rico since September 25, preparing as many as 60,000 meals a day for the victims.
The extraordinary relief effort, operated by Andrés’ non-profit food charity organization World Central Kitchen, took three weeks and the help of 15 kitchens and more than 500 volunteers.
In a post uploaded from the chef’s official Twitter account this week, Andres says,”Hello people of America, people of the world. Today, big news. Twenty-one days in this beautiful island of Puerto Rico and I can tell you World Central Kitchen chefs of Puerto Rico initiative, we are about to reach today one million meals cooked by the men and women of Puerto Rico. Big day. I love you.”
That is far more than …