Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte suspended his controversial war on drugs this week, ending a bloody campaign that claimed thousands of lives and brought international condemnation. 
“This is better for the bleeding hearts and the media,” Duterte said in a speech Thursday. “I hope I will satisfy you.”
Duterte ordered the country’s police to disband anti-drug units and cease Operation Double Barrel, a campaign that targeted high-level dealers and street pushers. The crackdown resulted in almost 3,900 deaths, according to official police figures.
However, rights groups and critics claim that thousands more have been killed in vigilante campaigns and extra-judicial killings.
The moves comes amid a public outcry over the brutal police killings of three teenagers. This was “definitely a response to perceived public anger,” said Richard Javad Heydarian, author of The Rise of Duterte: A Populist Revolt Against Elite Democracy.
It comes also a few weeks before the Philippines will face international scrutiny as the Southeast Asian country hosts the regional ASEAN economic summit Nov. 10-11. It will …