The proportion of Catholics in the Republic of Ireland fell by almost six percentage points between 2011 and 2016 when it stood at 78.3%, according to the latest Census data.
Persons born outside Ireland make up 12% of the country’s total Catholic population. 
The data also records the first fall in the absolute number of Catholics in Ireland in 45 years.
The number of those saying they had no religion increased by 74%. The 2011 figure was 277,237, which rose 204,151 to 481,388.
They now make up 10% of the population, making them the second largest category in the breakdown of affiliations under the “Religion” heading in the Census.
Both the Muslim and Jewish populations grew by 28.9%.
There were 63,443 Muslims in April 2016, up from 49,204 five years previously.
There were 2,557 Jews, marking an increase of 573 over the period. 
More than four in ten of Ireland’s Muslims (43.5%) lived in Dublin city and its suburbs.
25.8% were aged between five …