coal smoking power plant against the sun

The UK and Canada on Wednesday called on other nations to join them in ridding their energy sectors of coal power.
The two nations have committed to phase coal out of their electricity generation – by 2025 in the UK and 2030 in Canada.
Canada’s minister for the environment Catherine McKenna and UK climate minister Claire Perry met at the Houses of Parliament in London. Afterwards, they released a joint statement calling for an end to the use of the fuel that creates more carbon emissions than any other.
“Phasing unabated coal power out of the energy mix and replacing it with cleaner technologies will significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, improve the health of our communities, and benefit generations to come,” the ministers said.
The announcement of the alliance followed a September meeting between leaders Justin Trudeau and Theresa May, during which they agreed to team up on driving the global transition away from coal.
Coal plays a small role in the nations’ electricity mix …