Canada’s environment minister hit out at former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott on Tuesday over his promotion of climate sceptic talking points.
Catherine McKenna told a Chatham House conference she did not normally spend much time talking about climate science, preferring to focus on policy.
“Unfortunately, some people in positions of power continue to propagate myths, including yesterday just here in London,” she said.
That was a reference to Abbott’s lecture to the Global Warming Policy Foundation climate sceptic thinktank, in which he said global warming was “probably doing good”.
McKenna described meeting indigenous youth in Canada’s high Arctic region, which is warming three times as fast as the rest of the country.
One 14-year-old boy came to her with a list of environmental changes he thought might be caused by climate change. These included a decline in caribou numbers and experienced hunters falling through thinning sea ice and being lost forever. His observations were …