As time passes by, more brutal stories on ISIS’s violence in war-torn areas unravel and circulate basically through alternative media and some media outlets, at the time mainstream outlets remain silent. 
A new mass grave has been uncovered with 21 bodies and their heads buried two years ago. Libya’s Interior Ministry has announced that they have found the mass grave of Coptic Christians who were beheaded by ISIS, the so-called Islamic State. According to the report, the remains have been sent for forensic examination.
 AFP quoted the ministry’s unit for fighting organized crime in the city of Misurata as saying “The heads are separated from the bodies clad in orange jumpsuits, hands bound behind the back with plastic wire.”
The authorities came to know about the mass grave, which had the bodies of 20 Egyptians and a man of unknown African nationality, near the one-time Islamic State bastion of Sirte, 280 miles east …