New Delhi: A recent study carried out in eight European countries revealed that over 50 percent of elderly patients suffering from dementia are prescribed at least one potentially inappropriate medication.
Dementia is the most common forms of Alzheimer’s disease and is an age-related mental condition, triggered by loss of memory and outlined with rapid and seemingly unprovoked mood swings and unnecessary aggression.
According to the study, older dementia patients do not receive some medicines because the potential side effects outweigh their clinical benefit and because there are often safer or more effective alternatives available.
Researchers who studied more than 2,000 people with dementia from England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden found that 60 percent had been prescribed at least one potentially inappropriate drug, while over 25 percent had received at least two such medicines.
In particular, dementia patients aged 80 or older who were living in long-term care facilities were …