Emmanuel Macron’s administration will propose a tax on luxury yachts, supercars and precious metals in France’s 2018 budget. 
Lawmakers will propose amendments after critics attacked the President’s move to scrap the wealth tax in France. 
Mr Macron abolished the tax, which has been seen as a symbol of social justice for the left but blamed by others for driving thousands of millionaires abroad.
Those on the left slammed Mr Macron’s move and said it was proof he was a “president of the rich” – a label which the former Rothschild banker has been struggling to counter since taking office. 
The wealth tax, introduced by the Socialists in the 1980s, was levied on individuals with assets above 1.3 million euros (£1.2 million).
Initial plans were to replace it with a real estate tax but yachts, luxury cars and jewellery were supposed to escape. 
“The idea of the wealth tax reform was that there should not be a brake on contributors to …