An investigation is under way to finding out how the drain-cleaning fluid, which contains toxic chemicals, was mistaken for dental fluid and mixed with water.
It happened at the HSE-run dental clinic in Bindon Street, Ennis, Co Clare, and came to light only after dental staff noticed increased irritability by children having the dental treatment.
It is understood the cleaning product was heavily diluted but inadvertently attached to the rinse aid used by children and adult patients while in the dentist’s chair at five surgeries within the clinic.
A spokesman for the HSE said early indications were that a drain-cleaning product was added in error to the water solution used in the dental equipment, as opposed to the normal solution.
“We have established that 43 primary school children underwent procedures between October 4 and 5 which involved the use of this water solution.
“We have contacted the majority of these 43 families. However, there are …