ZURICH (Reuters) – Switzerland has stripped a Libyan Muslim preacher of his refugee status nearly two decades after he won it following a media firestorm over his sermons that some have branded hate speech.
The man who goes by the name of Abu Ramadan has been in the headlines since a Zurich newspaper branded him a Islamist who incited hate in his sermons while living off more than 600,000 Swiss francs ($618,000) in social benefits.
The 64-year-old preacher denied the hate speech allegations, saying his remarks were poorly translated from Arabic.
In a ruling released on Friday, the Federal Administrative Court said immigration officials had been right to revoke Ramadan’s asylum after finding he had kept a Libyan passport and gone home a dozen times, most recently for more than a month this year.
The ruling is final and cannot be appealed but separate hearings will have to decide if …