Tibet is full of unwanted dogs.
Areas of the Tibetan plateau have become flooded with giant, fluffy unwanted Tibetan mastiffs, once the most sought after dogs in China, after a collapse in the market for the dogs has left thousands homeless.
A scene captured in Abandoned Tibetan Mastiffs, a 20-minute long documentary which was released in April, shows hundreds of black Tibetan mastiffs crowded together in a shelter operated by a local monastery, waiting for their meals.
Gangri Neichog, a non-profit organization that helped produce the documentary, told The Beijing Youth Daily (link in Chinese), that more and more local officials and temples in Qinghai are setting up shelters like the Maozhuang one, as there has been an explosion in the number of abandoned dogs since 2013 when the craze for Tibetan mastiffs started to fade.
In Qinghai’s Guoluo prefecture alone, 14,000 of the 50,000 dogs in the area are strays, noted Gangri Neichog, …