The Arc de Triomphe (Arch of Triumph) is illuminated with the lettering reading 'The Paris accord is done' in Paris on November 4, 2016, to celebrate the first day of the application of the Paris COP21 climate accord. The worldwide pact to battle global warming entered into force on November 4, just a week before nations reassemble to discuss how to make good on their promises to cut planet-warming greenhouse gases. Dubbed the Paris Agreement, it is the first-ever deal binding all the world's nations, rich and poor, to a commitment to cap global warming caused mainly by the burning of coal, oil and gas. / AFP / PATRICK KOVARIK (Photo credit should read PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images)

The Nicaraguan government is preparing to join the Paris climate agreement, making Syria the only country not to be a party to the deal and the United States the only nation determined to pull out of it.
Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega told local media this week that the country is preparing to sign the deal, under which nations determine individual greenhouse gas reduction plans.
“We will soon adhere, we will sign the Paris Agreement,” he said, according to Nicaraguan newspaper El Nuevo Diario.
Once Nicaragua signs the climate accord, it will leave Syria, in the midst of a civil war, as the only country not involved in the Paris deal. But the United Staes could join that group as soon as 2020: President Trump has said the accord is a “bad deal” for the U.S. and has filed paperwork with the United Nations to pull out of it within four years.
Trump is also the only world leader not to …