11 hours ago
Wikileaks has released a new cache of documents which it claims detail surveillance apparatus used by the Russian state to spy on Internet and mobile users. It’s the first time the organization has leaked (what it claims is) material directly pertaining to the Russian state.
As ever, nothing is straightforward when it comes to Wikileaks. And founder Julian Assange continues to face charges that his ‘radical transparency’ organization is a front for Kremlin agents (charges that stepped up after Wikileaks released a massive trove of hacked emails from the DNC last year at a key moment in the U.S. presidential election).
So it’s entirely possible Wikileaks/Assange is here trying to deflect from such charges by finally dumping something on Russia.
Safe to say the Twitter arguments are already breaking out (e.g. see this tweet comment thread).
And it’s not possible at this point to verify the veracity and/or value …