In a Bizarre Development at the 72nd Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the Pakistan Government has accused the Swiss Government of supporting terrorism.
This move by Pakistan comes in the wake of the Baloch, Sindhi and other oppressed minorities of Pakistan highlighting their plight through public expressions and demonstrations in Geneva on the sidelines of the UNHRC meet.
Clearly taken aback by the level of Human Rights charges and expression of the atrocities being committed by the Pakistani forces on the Baloch and Sindhi minorities, Islamabad has made a shocking charge on the Swiss authorities that Switzerland is encouraging terrorist actions from its soil.
Reacting to Pakistan’s bizarre charge, Baloch and Sindhi leaders, who are organising anti Pakistan protests here, said, “It is ironic that the Pakistan government would accuse the Swiss government of allowing terrorists to use its soil for anti-Pakistan activities. Pakistan’s role in sponsoring terror groups …