Two Syrian refugee sisters living in Georgia, USA, cooked an assortment of Middle Eastern dishes to welcome a group of 40 people affected by Hurricane Irma.
Abeer and Nora al-Sheikh Bakri, who fled their hometown of Douma in 2012 before resettling in Georgia in 2016, told Huffpost that they know what it’s like to lose everything, and thus felt “compelled” to help.
They drove for an hour to deliver the food to the Hamzah Islamic Center in Alpharetta, Georgia, where dozens of evacuees had taken refuge from the storm, the Huffpost reported.
The sisters refused to receive any compensation for their efforts, saying that they had lived through displacement themselves and didn’t want the evacuees to “feel uprooted” in the same way.
“We are the same as Americans. We don’t wish ill on anyone. This is within our nature as Syrians. This is what our religion tells us to do,” Nora told the website.
Hurricane Irma …