Equifax has finally admitted that the data of UK consumers might have been stolen in the massive data breach last week.
The firm said information about some British people had inadvertently been stored in America and that these details had “potentially” been stolen in the attack.
The credit scoring firm said it would write to “fewer than 400,000” UK consumers to “offer them appropriate advice and a range of services to help safeguard and reassure them”.
For the past week Equifax has refused to say how many British citizens may have had their data compromised and what information could have been stolen.
It did reveal that hackers had exposed the personal data of 143 million customers in the US, which had been unlawfully accessed between mid-May and July this year thanks to a vulnerability on its website.
On Friday it said its UK systems had not been affected but that a “process failure” had led to a file containing information about British …