Eddie Izzard has said that he will give up comedy to run for Parliament – hoping to become the country’s first transgender MP.
There has never been an openly transgender Member of Parliament in UK history, despite record levels of MPs who identify as lesbian, gay and bisexual.
The closest a transgender person has come to Parliament is Labour’s Sophie Cook, who came a close second to anti-LGBT Conservative Tim Loughton during the 2017 election.
But comedian and activist Eddie Izzard, a long-time supporter of the Labour Party, has said that he plans to run for Parliament at the next election.
The ambitious comic had previously teased a run as the Labour candidate for Mayor of London – but given the incumbent Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan is hugely popular, it’s highly unlikely there’ll be a vacancy in the post any time soon.
In an interview in the Guardian this week, Izzard – who …