Tesla Inc. is trying to make it easier for city dwellers without plugs at home or at work to own its electric cars, targeting city centers with the expansion of its supercharger network.
The first of Tesla’s new urban stations to open for charging Monday will be a 10-stall location in Chicago and an eight-stall site in Boston, according to a company blog post. The chargers will deliver less power than those located along highways or at longer-distance destinations like hotels and resorts, meaning drivers will wait 45 to 50 minutes to replenish their battery.
In expanding its supercharger network, Tesla is paving the way for the arrival of its Model 3, its cheapest car yet. Reservation holders of the sedan, which starts at $35,000, skew younger and more urban, global sales chief Jon McNeill said last year. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk is counting on more mass-market demand to support his …