President Donald Trump speaks at Fort Myer in Arlington Va., Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, during a Presidential Address to the Nation about a strategy he believes will best position the U.S. to eventually declare victory in Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

President Donald Trump’s new, get-tough approach with Pakistan’s government could potentially include sanctioning Pakistani government officials with ties to terrorist organizations, National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton said Tuesday morning, part of an overall regional strategy that he said has put Pakistan “on notice” that “business as usual as it has been up to now is over.”
Trump, in nationally televised address Monday night, announced that he would deploy a yet-unspecified number of additional troops to Afghanistan, bolstering the Afghan military in its fight against the Taliban. Those troops are part of a fresh regional approach, Anton said on a conference call with reporters Tuesday, that also includes demanding more from the Pakistani government when it comes to combating terrorist groups.
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“I think the important takeaway for the Pakistani government last night is that, you know, they should understand that they’re on notice from this president, from this administration,” Anton …