State-affiliated companies in North Korea are increasing the illicit production and trafficking of crystal meth amid the economic turmoil caused by UN-imposed sanctions, according to regional sources.
To compensate for recently-imposed sanctions on the trade of its natural resources, as well as other economic sanctions, North Korea – also known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – has allegedly boosted the illegal domestic production of crystal methamphetamine.
“North Korean state companies and merchants have been waiting for the export markets to re-open ever since sanctions began having a significant impact [earlier] this year. Now [that] trade has been shut down for the coal exporters due to the country’s missile launches … they are turning to drug production and smuggling as a replacement,” a DPRK-based source claimed, according to DailyNK. Daily NK is the main English-language source covering developments in DPRK; it is headquartered in Seoul, but sources information from informants …