The lost crew of an 18th century Dutch merchant ship has been found by marine archaeologists who were racing against time to preserve the wreck before it is destroyed forever by an invasive sea worm. 
The Rooswijk sank in bad weather off the coast of Ramsgate in Kent in January 1740, on her second voyage, and was first discovered by a diver in 2005. But after preliminary excavations it was covered up.
However a survey by Historic England last summer revealed the ship was in danger of being destroyed by an invasive ship worm, which is moving to British coastlines from the Mediterranean. 
The shifting and treacherous Goodwin Sands has also left the hull exposed to salt water and air, meaning that archaeologists have had to act fast to record or bring up endangered timbers, canons and artefacts.
Not only have the new excavations uncovered three wooden treasure chests, believed to contain a fortune …