The pharmacist, identified as Peter S., is also under suspicion for overcharging on some 50,000 prescriptions. The financial damage to health insurance companies is estimated at around 56 million euros ($65.7 million). German authorities arrested the man in late 2016.
According to recent media reports, the man has been tampering with cancer medications for years while working in a large pharmacy in the western German town of Bottrop. The pharmacy allegedly delivered the diluted drugs to several German states and dozens of clinics and private practices. Some 3,700 patients are believed to have been affected since January 2012.
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On Thursday,  Germany’s Foundation for the Protection of Patients (Deutsche Stiftung Patientenschutz) demanded stricter controls and spot checks for around 200 big pharmacies across Germany.
“The unused cancer medications should be collected and randomly tested for active ingredients,” said Eugen Brysch from the watchdog organization.
Some patients still …