NEW YORK – New York City’s mayor said he would seek to remove the plaque honoring Nazi collaborator and marshal of France Philippe Pétain, whose existence in downtown Manhattan was exposed by The Jerusalem Post in a story published in May.
The plaque, installed in 2004, is embedded on a sidewalk as part of New York’s “Canyon of Heroes” on Broadway, having been placed there to commemorate Pétain’s 1931 ticker-tape parade in the city, which he earned for defending his country during the WWI. But Petain went on in 1940 to head France’s Vichy government, which collaborated with Nazi Germany and was responsible for deporting more than 10,000 Jews to concentration camps under Hitler’s regime.
Pétain also implemented his own discriminatory measures against the Jews, including property confiscation and exclusions from certain professions.
At the end of the war, he was tried for treason and sentenced to death, but his sentence was …