In a secret shelter in the Jordanian capital Amman, 52-year-old Fatima runs a hand over the scar that has shaped her life.
Almost 30 years ago, her father shot her and her sister to “cleanse the family’s honour” after her younger sibling got pregnant out of wedlock and he deemed both daughters should pay the price.
“When they shot my sister she died,” said Fatima, who declined to give her real name for fear of reprisals.
“When they started on me, our neighbours informed the police… I remained in hospital for six to seven months then the police came and put me in prison.”
Fatima remained in prison for 22 years under a law that allows the authorities to indefinitely incarcerate women considered to be at risk of being attacked or killed in the name of family honour.
said Fatima, who now lives alone in a shelter run by a charity.
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