A baby dolphin died on a beach in Spain after hundreds of holidaymakers surrounded it and had their pictures taken with it rather than helping it swim back to its mother in the sea.
Pictures uploaded by conservation group Equinac show adults and children flocking round the infant, which was still at a breast feeding age, at the Almeria beach over the weekend.
The group criticised the behaviour of the beach goers on Facebook, saying: “Once again we note that the human being is the most irrational species that exists.
“There are many who are incapable of empathy for a living creature, alone, scared, starved, without his mother and terrified, because many of you, in your selfishness,only want to photograph and poke, even if the animal suffers distress.”
Equinac say they were alerted to the stranded infant by Spanish authorities who noted that the lifeguard had “lost his nerve” and been unable to protect …