Spy satellites have observed North Korea moving a missile into position for a possible launch, with the US saying its forces are on high alert.
Officials have told US media that spy satellites have observed DPRK mobile missile launcher movement, indicating an intermediate-ballistic missile may be being prepared.
The report comes as US Secretary of Defence James Mattis warns any further escalation could rapidly lead to war: “Yes that means for a lot of young troops they’re going to be in a wartime situation.”
Pyongyang’s state media has this morning reported President Kim Jong-un as having “praised” his Strategic Force for drawing up a “careful” plan for a “power demonstration” to “envelope” Guam in fire.
“The nuclear force of the DPRK is strong in its guts and no one can guess its muscle as the flight trajectory of medium-to-long ballistic rocket Hwasong-12, firing data and the correct hitting-point are made public at home …