The first image generated of a scuttled German battleship at Scapa Flow after a multibeam echosounder survey has been released.
The Markgraf was among dozens of ships from the German High Seas Fleet scuttled by their crews off Orkney in 1919 following the end of World War One.
Data has been collected during a major maritime archaeology project.
The first image created shows the upturned hull of the Markgraf.
More than 50 German ships sank to the bottom of Scapa Flow in June 1919.
Most were removed from the water but some remain on the sea bed, and were declared monuments of national importance in 2001.
Marine archaeologists from Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (Orca), the University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute and divers from scientific logistics diving company Sula have been involved in the multibeam echosounder technology project.
The new image shows the Markgraf lying in 30m (98ft) of water on the seabed …