Millions of hens may need to be culled in the Netherlands after traces of a potentially harmful insecticide were found in eggs, a Dutch farming group said, ratcheting up the strain on a sector still reeling from a bird flu outbreak.
Retailers in several European countries have pulled millions of eggs from supermarket shelves as the scare over the use of insecticide fipronil widened, though Dutch industry group LTO said consumers were no longer at risk.
“For consumers this is pretty much over, but that is not the case for the farmers. It will take weeks if not months before they can resume production,” LTO’s Johan Boonen said.
The World Health Organisation considers fipronil to be moderately toxic and says very large quantities can cause organ damage. Dutch and Belgian authorities have pinned the source of the insecticide to a supplier of cleaning products in the Netherlands.
Farmers in the Netherlands have already culled …