Britain is paying the European Union less than half the sum claimed by Brexit campaigners, new official figures have revealed.
The UK’s net contribution has fallen to its lowest level for five years, at just £8.1bn in 2016-17 – or about £156m a week.
The sum is under half the £350m-a-week claimed by Brexiteers during the EU referendum campaign, which they promised to divert to the cash-strapped NHS.
Vote Leave, the official Brexit campaign, was widely criticised for printing a slogan on the side of its battle bus that said: “We send the EU £350m a week.”
Boris Johnson and other key figures were photographed alongside the bus, promising the health service the extra money – but the pledge was immediately dumped when Theresa May took over in Downing Street.
Furthermore, the £8.1bn sum for the annual bill would fall further if the Treasury figures included payments from Brussels into private-sector organisations in the UK.
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