Pigs on a factory farm. Photo: Depositphotos.com
Some 20,000 pigs have died in a fire at a factory farm near the Gelderland village of Erichem, in what is the second major farm fire this month.
The fire broke out in the four two-storey barns where the pigs were kept and firemen were unable to save any of the animals, news agency ANP said. Earlier this month nearly 80,000 chickens died in another factory farm fire.
Animal welfare lobby group Wakker Dier says never before have so many pigs died in a single blaze.
The organisation keeps a running tally of factory farm fire deaths which shows nearly 200,000 animals have been killed so far this year. That means 2017 is likely to be the worst year for factory farm fires since 2011, when 319,000 pigs and chickens were killed.
Although higher safety standards were introduced in 2014, many older barns are still …