if that happens, the government says it will pursue a postal vote on marriage equality;
Political reporter Michael Koziol has written our main story about the meeting.
“The Turnbull government will make a doomed second attempt to enact a plebiscite on same-sex marriage after Liberal MPs rejected an internal push to ditch the policy and allow a free vote,” Michael writes.
Mr Entsch says he can “pretty much guarantee it [a plebiscite] won’t be a policy” at the next election.
He says there are always some people who will be against same-sex marriage but attitudes are changing.
Mr Entsch reserves the right to his own course of action but says he’s “quite happy to give it [a plebiscite] a go”.
Mr Entsch says it’s “not necessarily” the case he could go into Parliament and vote with Labor MPs to bring about change.
People are “sick and tired of broken promises” and “they’re saying this was a promise …