Qatar has announced a $5.9 billion deal for seven warships from Italy.
Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said at a Doha press conference:
“We have signed a contract on behalf of the Qatari navy to acquire seven warships from Italy for five billion euros ($5.9 billion).”
The Italian warship deal was completed on Wednesday and involves the purchase of four corvettes, an amphibious vessel and two patrol boats.
In June 2016, Qatar had signed a letter of agreement with Italian shipyard Fincantieri to build:
In June this year, the United States agreed a $12-billion sale of F-15 fighter jets to Qatar, re-affirming support for the emirate in the throes of the worst diplomatic crisis to hit the Gulf in decades.
Since when does Qatar have a need for an LPH? They are not planning to invade another country or try to steal territory from Saudi Arabia. I can see Qatar getting an LPD such as the …