Dutch food-safety officials announced Sunday that they had released a list of 170 codes for eggs contaminated with an insecticide, but were withholding the names of egg producers. 
An official with the Dutch regulator told the German press agency that the list did not mean that 170 producers had been closed, as they often had multiple coops with different ID codes, .
“Our list is very dynamic and is constantly changing,” the official told DPA. “The numbers of companies alone do not have that much meaning, but would simply create more confusion”
He said consumers could check the codes to find out if they had eggs contaminated with fipronil, a toxic ingredient used in veterinary products for getting rid of fleas, ticks and lice on animals. It is, however, banned for use with food-producing animals.
 “We are not expecting to find many more incidents in coming days,” the spokesman said.
On Saturday, a spokeswoman for Belgium’s food safety agency (AFSCA) said officials had known about the problem for two months but had …